Going Green

SHAW5478_Environmental chart_v4.indd

Anso® nylon is Shaw’s premium fiber brand. For 40 years, consumers like you have trusted the brand for stylish selections and long lasting performance. Engineered to withstand spilled wine and dirty sneakers, Shaw’s Anso nylon is durable as well as gorgeous. In fact, whether you choose Shaw carpet made with Anso nylon, Anso Caress® nylon or Anso CrushResister® nylon you can be assured of a fabulous carpet you’ll enjoy for years to come. Learn more about the Your flooring options. The Area Floors showroom ins an industry leader for flooring in Portland Oregon.

Shaw is the only flooring manufacturer that owns and manages the carpet process from fiber extrusion to carpet to aftercare support. Our Anso nylon carpets have aggressive, non-prorated warranties that add to your peace of mind. Should you have any concerns or need help cleaning up those inevitable spills, the Anso nylon carpet care technicians at Anso Smart Lines can provide assistance at 800-441-8185 or www.ansonylon.com.

In addition to fashionable design, the latest colors, and tough performance, Shaw’s Anso nylon products contain recycled content and are recycle.

Shaw owns a state-of-the-art carpet recycling facility capable of recycling carpet like Anso nylon back into new carpet endlessly without the loss of beauty or durability. This recycling process will divert as much as 100 million pounds of carpet from landfills each year!

Are you thinking green? Learn more about Green Materials here on our blog

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