Price Conscious?

Six Ways the Other Stores Seem to be Saving you Money but Are Actually Costing You More

1) Area Floors Has No hidden fees or bloated costs.

Area Floors and big box stores both offer low prices on flooring products, but big box stores often inflate other costs such as padding or installation to make the end price tag still high.

2) Time is Money

Other stores may employ under-qualified staff and place a lot of work and responsibility on you in terms of researching which flooring option is right for you. We are already experts on these things, and are here to listen to your needs, ask questions, and guide you through the selection process. We have the knowledge to know which projects are appropriate for your usage to prevent costly replacements due to using an incorrect product. Save yourself the time – come in and let us do the work for you.

3) Some stores like to sell you look-alike products at a lower price but not disclose this information.

We can do the same but we’ll be sure to notify you that you’re not getting the brand-name.

4) With other stores, you have to pay extra for interior design services.

At other stores you might receive advice on color from a sales rep who has no design sense and who is influenced by what commission they will get on certain brand names. At Area Floors our in-store interior design services are free.

5) Installation included? This mean inflated fees that are passed down directly to you.

Other stores employ on-staff installers who don’t have to earn a good reputation – they are guaranteed work from the flooring company and are often ill-equipped to handle the varying demands of a wide range of projects. Because we recommend more than one  Independent contractor, you can bid your project to be sure you’re getting a competitive rate with no mark-up from us.

6) No Commissioned Salespeople – sales commissions increase product prices

Other stores don’t make it a priority to find the right solution for you – they’re more interested in making the sale and moving on to the next customer. Area Floors doesn’t employ commission-based salespeople. We believe in true customer service and are committed to taking the care necessary to get it right the first time.

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