Interior Design

At Area Floors we employ seasoned design consultants who have years of experience matching color, material, and texture to create the design vision you have for your home. We are familiar with all the major brands (and also some smaller unique ones) and can help you navigate through the extensive product selection at Area Floors. If there is actually something specific we don’t have that you want it is no problem – we are always happy to hear about a fabulous new product to add to our selection and can order it for you.

The Free In-Store Design Consultation starts with a senior design consultant asking you questions about your design preferences and how the room will be used. You can complete our online survey before your store visit to give us a heads-up, or just come in and start the conversation. Next she will ask you about price and budget so that the best quality product can be recommended for the lowest price. The design consultant will work with you to assemble swatches of coordinating materials. If you need other surface coverings, these can be selected too –backsplash, baseboard, area rugs, countertops, and more.

If you can, it helps to bring in something visual to start the conversation. Perhaps it is a pillow you love, an image pulled from a magazine, or a postcard whose color palette you adore. If you can take photos of the room with a digital camera or your phone, those will be helpful as well. Though these things are useful, our senior design consultants are professionals and can help you piece together a look without any visual props.

At Area Floors we believe that homes are an important part of a family and the decisions you make in how to finish them affect your daily life. After all, you will see the floor you install every day, for years. It will host every activity and gathering that happens in that area. That’s why it’s so important to choose the best flooring option not only for your budget but also one that addresses how the room will be used and your style preferences.

At the end of your consultation, we can assemble a swatch board of coordinating materials and colors that reflect your design sense,budget and how the room will be used. We’ll even send you a copy of it to keep. You’ve just received a

custom interior design consultation for absolutely free. Doesn’t that feel great?

Fill out our preliminary design consultation questionnaire today or simply come into the shop to receive your Free In-Store Design Consultation.

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