Porcelain Wood Grain Tiles

Wood Tile_1

When I first stepped into my current condo during my housing search, I was immediately swept off my feet. Crown molding, a brand new kitchen, spacious bathroom, and ample closet space: all features very difficult to find where I live. And in addition to all of that, it was a condo not on ground level with real hardwood floors…extremely rare in my city. It was a major selling point to me, as I am sure it would be to many of you as well.

Fast forward to present day. Those gorgeous floors are the bane of my existence.

Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful. Until the light shines on them and you can see every single time my dog got excited about someone at the door, every single place I have dropped my cell phone or keys (and let’s be honest, this happens at least once a week), and especially that time when I was leaning some porcelain tile samples on top of my fireplace so I could step back and see how they would look from a distance when for some reason I can’t explain they decided to fall off and break on the floor.

Sooo not my fault.


My point being, in theory, hardwood floors are great. In practice, they aren’t a good idea for someone like me who is both a) a pet owner and b) a mega-klutz.

That’s where porcelain comes in. While up to this point I have been unsuccessful in convincing my other half to rip out the natural hardwood for a material that would actually look like new everyday, I might be able to win the argument with this new material straight out of Italy that’s starting to hit the stores. Wait for it…wait for it…(oh yeah, it’s in the title already…you probably know what I’m going to say)…Porcelain wood-grain tiles.

Let’s play a game called “Which one is actual hardwood?”

Trick question: they are all porcelain! Granted, some of them look more realistic than others, and if I were to use it in my own home I’d make sure I had the most realistic-looking one I could find, but they do a pretty good job, right? And the benefits are endless. Just think about it…

Drop your phone, keys, or a brick? Your floors would be undamaged.

Spill some wine? No worries because porcelain doesn’t stain.

Playing cat bowling (if you haven’t seen the video, click here)? Don’t sweat it because your cats claws don’t stand a chance against the strength of porcelain.

And it looks like hardwood!

Oh, and by the way, the price for these fabulous tiles is about a fraction of what you would spend on actual hardwood (especially when you take into consideration the maintenence costs of hardwood…which I try not to think about…too painful).

In short, I think this is a trend that will only grow in an economy where people can’t really afford to keep re-finishing their hardwood, or even afford to install it in the first place. And in my personal opinion, I find porcelain wood-grain tile to be a better quality product anyway!

I call that a perfect win-win situation. – Tile Tramp

Here are the wood grain tiles you can find at our showroom, come by and see for yourself.

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