New Styles in Tiles

We always want you to have the newest styles and best looking products for your home, here are some new tile and stone options to make your house your home.

Creekside by Bellavita

Using texture to create the feeling of flowing water, Creekside glass brings the natural ambiance of the outdoors into your home. United Tile is stocking this series with seven colors and two sizes to coordinate with today’s natural materials used most in decorating the finest homes.

The Creekside glass tiles have a textured surface, making the tiles translucent, not transparent. Light pierces the surface of the tile and returns warm, diffused light into the room. These tiles are a good fit on walls or backsplashes because they make the most of natural and artificial light.
Available sizes 2″ x 6″  3″ x 12″

Thickness 10mm (approx 3/8″)

Wood Impressions by Crossville

Crossville puts its own twist on the traditional appeal of wood with the introduction of Wood Impressions, which combines the look of wood with the superior durability of porcelain tile.  Capitalizing on the continued demand for wood looks in both commercial and residential markets, as well as the popularity of plank shapes, Crossville is offering four plank shapes, including a stunning 6” x 36” plank as well as 6″ x 18′ and 3″ x 18″ planks.

Available sizes  3″ x 3″ , 6″ x 6″, 6″ x 12″, 6″ x 18″, 3″ x 18″, 6″ x 36″  Trim pieces 3″x 1 8″ Bullnose (Battiscopa)

Thickness 10.5mm (approx 3/8″)

Metal Tech


Arizona Glass & Stone Mosaics

Arizona Glass and Stone mosaics combine a mix of color from both mediums that will make any area come to life. Mixing glass and stone makes these blends work in almost any setting and both color blends area exceptionally versatile- warm, cool, dark or light, its hard to find a color or style that doesn’t look great with at least on of these blends.

Arizona Glass is for wall use only

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