January 2011: Staff Profile: Michele’s New Addition

Let’s all welcome Degan Daniel Mills, the newest addition to Michele’s family. Born November 20th at 11:58 am, weighing 9lbs 6.4 oz 22 ½ inches long .

I checked in to the hospital at 6am and was hooked up to my IV about an hour later; I wasn’t yet in labor so they induced me. The big guy didn’t want to come out! About 9:30am the doctor showed up and talked to me a little bit, she told me I was in a race with the gal in the labor room next to me… I guess my competitive side came out and I thought  “I’m going to have my baby first!”  The doctor came back around 10:30am and broke my water, I was already at 5 cm when she did that. Within 30 minutes I went from a 2 to a 7 on the hospital pain chart. I started thinking I was going to get that epidural when the doctor came back in, but I had to wait 15 more minutes for the anesthesiologist. I was dilated to 9 ½ cm at this point, I started pushing for a total of 13 minutes. It was a very emotional time for everyone that was in the delivery room when Degan was born. Having a child is the most beautiful experience for a couple; aunt or grandparent can go though and see.

Degan Daniel Mills was born at Providence Milwaukie Hospital, delivered by Dr. Molly Strattan. Funny thing to this story is Dr. Molly Strattan and her husband are customers to the Tigard store. I have helped them in my 6 years at Area Floors numerous times with flooring for their house and doctors office.

Makina loves being a big sister, she is a big help. She loves her little brother!! She loves to talk about him to everyone and if you’re not holding him right she will tell you. If she thinks you’re doing something wrong she has no problem telling you she is going to tell her mom. She is so cute! We had a fabulous Christmas holiday. There was lots of running around, opening and giving presents.

I am very excited to get back to work, this is the longest break I’ve ever have taken. I have always worked 1, 2 and sometimes 3 jobs. I love working but I also love my family. The best thing about working for Area Floors is everyone is family here.

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