January 2011: Going Green in 2011

Going Green in 2011?

Are you looking for the newest trends and flooring choices for 2011? Area Floors is here to help! We have a large selection of products  for all your changes this year. No matter what your style, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for this year at Area Floors.

Area Floors has great choices for renewable resources and natural products for your floors. Try using bamboo or cork, marmoleum, wool and other hypo allergenic carpeting, stone tiles and hardwood floors.

Here are some of our favorite green materials for your home.

Dansk Hardwood

Dansk Hardwood flooring products are created from raw material originating from sustainable managed forests.

Our products are made with selectively harvested timber & materials which are strictly managed under the most advanced environmental control systems. Dansk Hardwood Flooring makes a conscious effort to protect the environment by adopting “green” forestry and environmental practices as a part of our hardwood flooring production.

We Cork

In these times of increased concern for the environment, cork remains the only tree which can regenerate itself after each harvest.

Cork is an all natural product derived from the bark of the cork tree. In these days of increased concern for the environment, cork remains the only tree whose bark can regenerate itself after harvest, leaving the tree unharmed. Cork is a variety of oak tree which re grows its bark every 9 years. This results in an all natural, environmentally responsible product with exceptional physical properties.

United Tile

The Northwest’s best source for your tile design selections.

As part of our ongoing commitment to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner, United Tile actively seeks to align itself with manufacturers that demonstrate this sensitivity in the products they make. Some of these manufacturers produce products with recycled content, while others employ practices that indicate their concern for the environment.

About areafloors

We are a wholesale flooring store that has been serving the Portland Metro and surrounding areas for over 40 years. Come in today to experience what Beyond the Surface truly means....

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