Product Feature: Anso Nylon Carpeting

Product Overview

Imagine the sinking feeling when the first glass of red wine splashes on your brand new carpet.  Instead of dreading a moment like this, Anso Nylon embraced it—by hosting the world’s largest pie fight, conducted atop its very own off-white carpeting.  After over 1200 pies pummeled the floor, remnants of the cherry, chocolate, and apple desserts miraculously cleaned up without leaving stains.  If Anso Nylon can measure up against 3,000 pounds of pie, picture how its stain-resistant qualities will serve your busy home.

What makes Anso Nylon so GREAT?  Anso, the name derived from Anti-Soil, centers on five key attributes:

Anso Nylon consists of green recycled content and is fully recyclable—no landfills needed!  The carpet’s resilient fiber has a soft feel while withstanding crushing, with fantastic elasticity.  Due to durability and extensive warranties, the manufacturer’s experience has been sought after for 40 years, nationwide.

The carpet fiber is treated to be anti-stain and anti-soil, even after multiple cleanings.  Tough Anso Nylon withstands wear and abrasions.

The line offers over 80 colors, 12 styles, and three grades of quality to choose from.  Our showrooms’ Anso Nylon Color Wall has a multitude of samples available for you to ensure the perfect match with the design aesthetic of any room.  Come to Area Floors to find the ideal Anso Nylon carpeting for your home.

Manufacturer Background

Anso Nylon, part of Shaw Industries, has built its success upon its core values of honesty, integrity, and hard work.  Shaw sets an eco-friendly example for the flooring industry by manufacturing with respect to energy and water conservation, recyclability, and social responsibility.  Sustainability efforts include converting waste into energy, creating cradle-to-cradle products, and donating to charity.

By purchasing Shaw flooring backed by superior service at Area Floors, customers have the peace of mind that comes from great products and knowledgeable staff.


Information referenced, pictures and video courtesy of:
Anso Nylon
Shaw Floors

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  1. i like this blog articel, because a carpet can bring something special in your room. If you have floorheating look out for extra high temperatures. Keep it in mind and take a thinner carpet.

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