Product Feature: Tuftex Pattern Destination Carpet

Product Overview

How can you make a room pop?  Consider a new, patterned carpet that complements the space’s design features such architecture, wall color and furnishings.

A variety of hues and motifs make up the Tuftex Pattern Destination Collection.  Offerings span from classic neutrals to earthy greens to aquatic blues, all specifically selected to coordinate with hard flooring choices throughout the home.  A pattern woven into the carpeting adds extra depth and character.  Abstract, geometric, and organic pattern choices ensure a fit in both casual and formal environments.

All Tuftex Pattern Destination choices are made of nylon fibers, which provide softness and resiliency.  In fact, most patterns have a performance rating of 4 or higher, which indicates minimal change in appearance after foot traffic testing mimicking residential use.  In addition, Tuftex makes every effort to use post-consumer recycled content in its carpets, as well has striving to make materials recyclable.

Manufacturer Background

Tuftex, a department of Shaw Floors, makes its home in California.  The company draws inspiration from its Californian setting to provide stylish carpets.  In addition, the company strives to make products with minimal impact on ecosystems.  Tuftex initiates research on how to make its processes more ‘green,’ works with communities where production takes place, and maintains a close relationship with government agencies to make smart choices for both the environment and customers.


Photos and information referenced courtesy Shaw Floors.

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