April 2010 Staff Profile: Lauren

Lauren's dogs, Leila( left) and Max (right)

Gico, Lauren's Green Cheek Conure

When I started in the Interior Design field, I had no idea that I would end up in the flooring industry. Most of my peers had planned on starting their own businesses and offering complete design services. I knew that was not for me. Around the middle of my sophomore year of college, I started thinking about working in the design field, in any capacity, while I was going to school. I went from business to business looking for anyone who needed an intern and was willing to give me experience. I ended up working for a wonderful a flooring company in Flagstaff, Arizona from my sophomore year until I graduated two years later. My experience in the company was amazing. It was, by far, one of the hardest jobs I had ever had, but I learned so much and was so grateful for the mentorship I received there.

After graduation, my husband and I moved here to Portland, so he could attend Dental School. I worked in the design field for a year or so, until the flooring industry caught my eye once again. I answered an ad for a salesperson at Area Floors, then known as the Carpet Place, and began my flooring career once again. I have worked at Area Floors for almost three years and tend to dabble in everything from managing the Foster showroom, to IT, to designing and everything in between.

Lauren and her husband, Aaron at a reenactment

When I’m not at Area Floors, I spend a lot of time with my husband, our two dogs, and our little parrot. I have a passion for all things historical, particularly the 18th century, and historical clothing. I love researching and recreating historical garments from extant sources. My husband and I are also avid re-enactors and belong to the Oregon Regency Society and Le Bon Ton of Oregon. I’m a bit of a nerd, but I would not have it any other way.

About areafloors

We are a wholesale flooring store that has been serving the Portland Metro and surrounding areas for over 40 years. Come in today to experience what Beyond the Surface truly means....

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