December: Industry Spotlight

Welcome to a special area of our Beyond the Surface Newsletter where we share thoughts and insights from Portland’s housing professionals. Here at Area Floor’s we have the opportunity to partner with some of the best.

Amy Troute

This month we had the privilege of sitting down with a great Portland Designer. Amy Troute, owner and lead designer of Design for Home, met us at one of her client’s homes for a look into her work.

Tell Us a Little About Yourself?

I am the owner and lead designer of Design for Home. We have a presence all over the metro area, and our studio is located in the Pearl. I am married and have five year old twin girls named Stella and Emily and a fifteen year old step son, Marcus. I have lived in Portland for almost fifteen years and love it here!

Who is your typical client?

I hate to say “typical.” I’ve worked with clients and spaces from the very simple to the extravagant. Really, a client for me needs to be somebody whose home is a priority. They’re ready to work with me to create a new space that gives them new energy and gets them excited about their home.

How do you decide which vendors, contractors, and partnerships to foster?

It’s my job as a designer to make the whole project seamless for my client. I select and manage vendors, who, at the end of the day, make me look good. Because my vendors’ work is really my work, I have to be able to count on them for the best service and product.  Area Floors is one of those vendors who share my core values – listen, provide excellent customer service, and be available to continue that service after the sale!

Tell us how you approach your projects?

Along with interior design, my professional education includes marketing and communications. So, I really run a project as any business would run based on

Bigej Home, Flooring and Tile from Area Floors

client relations and project management. The creativity sort of follows that. All of the questions I ask my clients and the conversations that we have act as the foundation of the project. The rest of it is sort of engrained in me from years of client and project management.  I love my job and my clients can tell.  It makes it easier for them to open up and collaborate with me to create their spaces.

What is the goal of your design work?

The overall goal is always a happy client and a smooth project. There will be bumps in the road; a fabric that’s discontinued or a carpet that’s four weeks out. It’s really how you manage those expectations and how you provide alternative solutions. At the end of the day if the client is happy and they feel their space is a reflection of their family and lifestyle, then that’s all I can ask for.

What are the secrets for a successful project?

I think my secret is listening. I can create a room at the drop of a hat, but if it’s not what my client is looking for then it’s not a successful project. I love to hear, “I never would have thought of that.” As a designer, I have to bring that out of my clients by asking the right questions.

What are you currently working on?

Begej Bathroom, Tile from Area Floors

Well, we’re talking this morning at the home of a client. I’m about to present two design plans for a fabulous master bedroom suite. I’m also working with a couple of clients on remodels where I’m helping them to select carpet, tile, and paint colors. A lot of my clients are navigating living space renovations – family and living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms. People who were looking to sell and move up have now decided to stay and make their current homes fit their lifestyles better. So, it’s kind of all over the board. I’m very lucky to be busy and loving every minute of it.

Is they’re anything else we should know about you?

I get goose bumps. I know it sounds silly and I say it over and over. Yet, when an idea comes together for a client, the way they react to the right solutions always give me goose bumps. I love what I do.

And what do Amy’s clients think of her? We’ll let you see for your self.

“Thank you so much for all of your help in making our dream house a reality for us.  We would have been lost without your consultation and ideas on how to plan our home features from the beginning steps of drawing the plans up to the finishing touches that make our house feel truly unique and like a retreat. Every detail of our home from paint colors and cabinetry to flooring and countertops came together with perfection It was hard to visualize how it was all going to come together, but your vision was clear from the start and helped us make better decisions and invest in the details that truly make our home stand apart. We are so pleased with every feature of our home and truly owe you a big thank you for your professional advice and help in this project.  Thank you again!”

– Mark and Amy Bigej, Hubbard OR

To learn more about Amy or to schedule a consultation visit her website,Design for Home.

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