October: Product Feature – MARMOLEUM

Product Feature:

Welcome to our monthly Product Feature where the team at Area Floors takes you on a Beyond the Surface look at the latest in flooring products, design ideas and trends.

There are numerous advancements and innovations in the flooring world all targeted at improving the beauty and performance of our homes. mimageMarmoleum® is blazing the trail on our homes’ cosmetic and functional performance.

Marmoleum is an industry leader in two of the most important areas of the Northwest lifestyle:

1. Earth Friendly

2. Home and Health Friendly

The Beyond the Surface look at the Production Process How Marmoleum is Creating a Better Environment

A quick look behind marmoleum’s beauty into the production process shows how Marmoleum cares for your home and the environment.

The process begins with a commitment to renewable natural ingredients. Linseed Oil is pressed from the seeds of the flax plant. Wood flour is obtainedclick_WebGraphic from the lumber industry waste (or the old school, non-techy term – “sawdust”) and from controlled forests. Rosins are harvested from pine trees.

The stunning colors of Marmoleum are achieved by using environmentally responsible pigments. The backing of is woven with natural jute fibers. Even the adhesives used for installation are environmentally responsible and free of solvents.

The end result of this thought out, earth friendly production process is a flooring solution that actually strengthens over time. Plus at the end of it’s long and productive life, Marmoleum is completely biodegradable.

Home Friendly:

Marmoleum’s inherent anti-static properties repel dust and dirt, making it easy to clean, reducing exposure to allergens and contributing to a healthy indoor air quality. There is perhaps no better flooring alternative for people imagewith asthma and allergies than Marmoleum’s Click product. This flooring clicks together for an easy, glue less installation, so there are no chemicals or coatings with fumes and gases.

Award Winning: A First in Flooring

In-fact the Marmoleum Click is so allergy friendly it is the first flooring product to be awarded the asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification Mark.

Innovative and Daring Design Ideas:

Marmoleum’s unique appearance and diversity of colors allows you to imagine your own one of a kind design and be as creative as you’d like in designing your next room.

A variety of colors from Earthy to Vibrant, Pastel to Subdued allows you to be as a daring as you’d like with your design and always have the peace of mind that you are using the latest in earth and home friendly flooring alternatives.

Design Fact:

  • Available in over 120 colors of sheet goods and 30 colors of tile.

Featured Product Promotion

As part of or product spot light Marmoleum is offering our readers and face book fans a unique and limited time opportunity to get Marmoleum for a $1.50 square yard off the original price. Saving you hundreds on your new floor.

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We are a wholesale flooring store that has been serving the Portland Metro and surrounding areas for over 40 years. Come in today to experience what Beyond the Surface truly means....

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