Little Miss Marble

At our Foster Store, we have a fur baby named Marble. She is quite the character. She is very sweet, is very well behaved, and loves to greet customers. Unlike our Tigard kitty, she is calm and mellow.

Marble has quite the interesting story. She was owned by a family who didn’t want her and left her to, basically fend for herself. Well, we had another cat, named

Rugs, chilling on the desk.

Rugs, chilling on the desk.

Miss Marble

Miss Marble

Rugs, who had lived at the store for nearly twenty years. He was a crotchety old cat who was set in his ways and Area Floors was his store.

One night Rugs found Little Miss Marble and brought her in. Now, he had never allowed another cat into his store before. But for some reason, this time he did. Well, later that night there was a horrible storm, and no one was going to make that little cat leave. So she stayed, and has stayed here for the past seven years.

Rugs, sadly passed away a few years ago, but, his legacy lives on in Miss Marble. We hope that Marble will continue the tradition and find another cat to continue her post some day, hopefully not anytime soon. Next time your in our store make sure to say hello to her. She loves a good pet.

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