For the Love of Fur Babies

Those of you who have visited our stores know that we have resident fur babies, one at each location. They have become part of who we are, and we love them as members of our families. Well, our Leo kitty, who lives at our Tigard location has had quite the ordeal.


Now, Leo is a special cat.  He’s a little on the crazy    side, he’s cross eyed, he  likes to climb in various  places, and get into trouble.  But, he’s also a very sweet  cat who loves to be held and  petted and loved on. Well,  our Leo was running around  the showroom one evening  playing and jumping off  displays. The poor boy ended up getting his toe caught in one of the racks! HORRIBLE!

Luckily, there were some awesome customers who stayed to help and our neighbors came running in to see what was going on. There was not a whole

lot anyone could do, but they stayed until the end. Fortunately, Leo’s Dr. came rushing over and was able to get the poor boy out of the rack. However, he had his little toe amputated. So, our Leo is now “Hop Along Catsidy.” He’s recovered quite nicely, but he still gives dirty looks to that display, as well he should.

So next time your in Tigard, make sure you give Mr. Leo lots of pets. He had quite the ordeal 🙂photo

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