Frogafile Fridays…

Here at Area Floors we have a little symbol that pretty much sums up who we are. FROG! That’s right, FROG. You see, a few years ago we started realizing that people here at Area Floors, though varied and quirky, have a common thread that ties us all together. We noticed that those who succeed here are inherently friendly, we love relationships and relating to people, we take pride and ownership in everything we do, and work hard to get every project done, what ever that task might be.  Well, we couldn’t quite figure out how to tie it all together, but we knew we were on to something.

Then, one night, one of our gals was laying in bed listening to the sound of tree frogs chirping away outside her window. And, *Ding* the light bulb came on. We are FROGs: Friendly Environment, Relationships Fuel Us, Ownership, and Get it Done. It was so simple, and yet so powerful. This little green croaking creature captured our spirit and our values. And the rest, as they say, is history.

So next time you’re in Area Floors ask us about FROG? Who knows, it could be the jumpstart your day or project needs. Have a Frogtastic weekend, everyone, and we’ll see ya on the Fuzzy Side.


We are so crazy about FROG, we have a Froggy Shrine.

About areafloors

We are a wholesale flooring store that has been serving the Portland Metro and surrounding areas for over 40 years. Come in today to experience what Beyond the Surface truly means....

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